Bauherr: Aykut Karasu

Standort: Bodrum, Türkei

Architekt: Arda Karasu

Energiekonzept: Arda Karasu

BGF: 207 m²

Budget: 414T TRY (146T €)

Stand: Genehmigungsplanung

The house represents an optimum of a house in Bodrum and may also be applicable to housing settlements in the same climatic zone within the Mediterranean Region.

It is an attached house with 100 m² per unit has been designed as the prototype. Based on the municipal regulations for Bodrum, it has two stories. Every unit has 50 m² on each story, which makes 200 m² of total area.  Elements like roof shading, and the opportunity for individual adjustments like zoning make this building flexible to use for more then one family.

The house is not significantly loaded with new technologies, which have so far not reached the stage of maturity or are extremely expensive. The concept is to use existing materials in the region with existing or new concepts. Therefore, PV and solar thermal collectors have been chosen as energy sources.

bodrum concept4
bodrum concept2
bodrum concept3
bodrum concept1